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A robust and compact structure combines versatility in use to such a wide range of features that any application needs can be met with satisfactory solutions.
Metal case for an effective protection against electromagnetic interference. Wide range of pulses/rev. up to 64,000 ppr. MAX frequency 300 kHz and IP 67 protection DIN 40050/IEC 529 on request.

 EN 58


Incremental encoder Ø 58 mm

 AEN 58

Absolute encoder Ø 58 mm

EN 38

Incremental encoder Ø 38 mm

EN 53

Elastic flange 

EN 570


EN 90

EN 413

Incremental encoder Ø 41.3 mm

 EN 30


Incremental encoder Ø 30 mm

 VN 413

Electronic handwheel, various flanges


Encoder supports – Wire systems – Shaft-encoder couplings – Metric wheels