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The quality of products and service offered by GIVI MISURE can also be appreciated in terms of reliability of the supply, flexibility as well as very quick delivery time.


The company organisation allows to have an extremely flexible structure and so to be able to follow and promptly meet the demands of the market.
GIVI MISURE’s productive structure consists of departments which autonomously provide for the creation of semi-finished goods. In fact no finished products are available on stock: the manufacture of the different semi-finished goods is regularly carried out, however their final assembly is only performed when a customer places the order. After that GIVI MISURE is able to complete, test, certify and deliver the product in a very short space of time, even some hours if necessary.
The total autonomy in the product development, besides, allows to optimise the organisation of production.


These results are also made possible thanks to the achievement of high levels in the computerization of every technical, productive, commercial, a.s.o. service, thus reducing any paper support to the bare minimum. Every workspace is connected to the net and operates in real time with all the company departments. In the production department we find skilled technicians and workers who carry out specific working operations relevant to the know-how of the entire production cycle


Other working operations, such as printing of mechanical parts, both metallic and plastic, or surface finishing treatments are carried out by external qualified and certified companies, regularly undergoing inspection visits.